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Salesforce launches simpler small business product, will discontinue and SalesforceIQ.

13 03

Salesforce on Tuesday launched new sales and customer service software tailored specifically for small businesses, a market the company has struggled to address. Called "Essentials," the apps are simplified versions of Salesforce's Sales and Service Cloud products. In the past, small businesses have struggled to use Salesforce's products, complaining that the software was too complex and too expensive. 

With Essentials, Salesforce will offer products that are ready to use "out of the box," Rosenbaum said. Essentials is priced at $25 per user per month for teams of up to 10 people, which is $50 less per user than the professional versions of Salesforce products. Salesforce also said it will retire SalesforceIQ and two products that cater to small businesses, from March 2020.

Source: CNBC

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